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A list of questions that can help you narrow things down...

Choosing your perfect hairstyle can be a little tricky at first. With a little help from your chosen bridal hairstylist things can become a lot simpler.

These are my suggestions to begin to narrow things down a little and for you to get better ideas on which style to try during your bridal trial.

Begin by asking yourself the following questions:

- Do I want my hair to be as natural looking as possible on my big day?

- Do I prefer my hair down, half up/half down or up?

- How is my dress neckline and how would my hairstyle complement it?

- Would I consider clip-in extensions to add fullness to my overall look?

- What type of earrings will I wear?

- Which hair accessories would I love to wear? By using these questions you can narrow down your perfect style to show off on your big day.

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