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This article covers the significance of the wedding hair trial, its location, and why it is crucial to have one before your wedding day. During the trial, the bride and I will discuss bridal up-dos styles and choose the best one that complements your dress, face shape and wedding theme. So if you are a bride to be, take advantage of your wedding hair trial at Bridal Hairstyles’ studio in Nottingham, to ensure you look your best on your big day.

Why don't I accept bookings without a trial?

Having the hair trial before your wedding day helps us to create a solid plan for your big day. As a bridal hairstylist I can assure you that no bride is the same even if the chosen look is similar. During the trial, we will discuss your options and preferences for bridal up-dos styles and I will assess your hair personally so as to be able to suggest the best tailored option for you. . This way, we can create a bridal look that fits your personality, face shape, and wedding theme. It is so important that I would not dream of accepting a booking without one. It makes all the difference.

Can I have a second trial?

Yes you can. Generally a bridal hair trial will last around 2 hours during which we can trial one or two wedding look depending on the chosen up-do. It is important to note that brides are welcome to have as many trials as they wish in order to try different styles and ensure that they are happy with their final look for the wedding day. As your bridal hairstylist I will take notes and communicate openly with you, so we can finalize a plan for the big day that meets your needs and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Finding your ideal wedding hairstyle with the ultimate bride to be’s quiz

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the many options for bridal up-dos styles? Take the ultimate quiz to find your ideal wedding hairstyle! Our quiz is designed to help you to determine the best wedding hair look that compliments your dress, face shape, and wedding theme. With just a few simple questions, you can discover your perfect hairstyle.

Not only will the quiz help you find your ideal wedding hairstyle, but it will also make the hair trial process much smoother and less stressful. We will already have a clear idea of what you want, allowing you and your hairstylist to make necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently.

So, take our quiz now, to find your perfect wedding hairstyle, and check for availability today to ensure that I am available to style you pretty on your big day.


Having a wedding hair trial is an essential step for any bride who wants to look her best on her big day. It helps to create a solid plan and ensures that you get the best hairstyle that will last throughout the day. While there are many online resources available, nothing compares to the tailored experience of an in-person hair trial. If you are getting married in Nottingham and in the Midlands, we invite you to book an appointment with me at Bridal Hairstyles Studio in Nottingham, for a stress-free and enjoyable hair trial experience.

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